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It is common to feel nervousness, anxiety, or even excitement when beginning therapy for the first time or starting therapy with a new clinician. This is a sign that your mind and body are aware that you are about to experience something new. Each individual or couples therapy will have a different focus and different goals. The therapeutic environment is a space to explore a wide range of topics, feelings, symptoms, and plans. The frequency of sessions and duration of therapy will also vary. Creating a plan for therapy that will meet your needs and goals will be a collaborative process with Dr. File.

There are common misconceptions about therapy. Let's challenge what is likely the most common one,
"Therapy is for crazy people."
This statement often comes from individuals who have not had experience with therapy and have not had formal training in psychology or mental health. The truth is that therapy can be useful for many different symptoms, situations, relationships, and individuals. To help clarify here are some of the many examples:

Therapy may be helpful if...

  • You have participated in therapy before and are interested in continuing or re-initiating treatment.

  • You have participated in therapy before and want to explore or focus on something new.

  • You have never engaged in therapy and are interested in exploring aspects of your life in a new way.

  • You are curious about options for pain or another condition that are not medication-based.

  • You have googled symptoms you are experiencing and think therapy might help.

  • You think something seems "off" and are having difficulty getting yourself back to feeling the way you want.

  • You have a significant life transition coming up, are experiencing many thoughts and feelings about this change, and would like a neutral space to express and explore them.

  • You find yourself in an unexpected life transition, are noticing many thoughts and feelings,  and need a safe place to discuss your experiences.

  • You notice strain and/or unhappiness in a relationship and need a space to process what is occurring.

  • You are dissatisfied with factors in your life and are unsure how to make a helpful change.

If questions came to mind while reading this information, don't hesitate to ask!

This website is for information only. The information featured is not meant to replace therapy or other types of treatment. If you are experiencing a crisis, contact 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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